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My Philosophy


My mission is to provide a quality true Medical Massage or Prenatal Massage to compliment pre-existing therapy routines such as physical therapy or chiropractic care to provide maximum relief of discomfort experienced due to muscle tension at affordable prices.  It is my belief that a balance of health obtained through massage therapy should not only be available to the wealthy, but should be affordable for all.  


Medical Massage is a modality that uses mayofascial release, trigger point therapy and medical massage stretches and soft tissue manipulation to restore or regain a better range of motion and relief of discomfort due to muscular tension and strain, wherever possible.  

Prenatal Massage is a modality for pregnant women in their second of third trimester to reduce fatigue, general discomfort and some edema for pregnant women cleared for massage by their doctor.

Thank you for visiting us, and I hope to be able to help you, God willing.


May God bless you,

Denise M. Valdes, LMT

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